Half Baked (1998): Samson Kills Killer


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The clip Samson Kills Killer from Half Baked (1998) with Harland Williams, Dave Chappelle

Devil man.
Devil666- The mark of the beast!
No! Naughty!
Naughty jungle of love!
The man is serious. Calm down. How serious can it be?
He wants to see Mr. Nice Guy. He told me.
Oh, man.
No, yo!
They killed Killer, B!
Yo, Samson did this, man.
Yo, he killed Killer, man.
Hey. He killed...
I'm gonna call Brian.
Let's just give him a proper burial, all right?
I'm sorry, man.
Jesus Christ.
Oh! I'm sorry. Watch it, man! You stepped on his head!
I'm sorry. I didn't even see him.
I gotta smoke. I have got to smoke.
What happened, man?
You wanna know what happened? I'll tell you what happened.
Samson and his girls came rollin' up in here lookin' for me.
They was gonna mess me up if I didn't bring them Mr. Nice Guy.

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