Half Baked (1998): Guy On Couch Advice


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The clip Guy On Couch Advice from Half Baked (1998) with Jim Breuer, Dave Chappelle

Man, we are in trouble, man.
Jerry, I really need your help, man. Feel us...
Brian, will you stop praying to a bag of sand, man? Come on.
You heard the man. If we don't get this money, we're dead. All of us!
Yo, Thurgood, why don't you get your boy, The Guy, to lend you some money?
You certainly let him stay here long enough. Man, that's Brian's boy.
I didn't let him stay here. I don't know him, man.
Hey, what day is it? Saturday.
Is it January?
No, man, it's August.
Oh, wow. August.
Hey, I couldn't help overhearing you guys.
You know, if you want to double your profits, you should rob that lab.
Tomorrow's Sunday. There'll be no one in there.
Just go in and rob the place blind.
It'll work, I promise you.
Hey, uh, seein' as how we don't know who you are,
are you plannin' on movin' out anytime soon?
Thurgood, why don't you just focus on one thing at a time?
I'll be fine. The robbery is what's important now.

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