Half Baked (1998): Thurgud's Lies Revealed


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The clip Thurgud's Lies Revealed from Half Baked (1998) with Dave Chappelle, Rachel True

Then you have the avid nonsmoker.
A lot of times they'll get your number accidentally from one of their girlfriends,
call up and place an order knowing they don't smoke weed...
and request that you personally deliver it.
Then when you get there, they're all mad that it's you sellin' weed.
You smoke weed? At last we can share everything.
Get off me, you Iying son of a bitch! What is this?
Looks like some sort of a business card.
Yeah, with your number on it. You know, I can't believe this!
I can't believe that I fell for another one of you lowlife assholes again.
God, what is wrong with me? Hey...
Hey, Mary Jane, I can explain everything, all right?
Good-bye, Thurgood. Wait! Hold up!
Hey, Mary Jane!
Mary Jane, look, the only reason I lied to you was because I like you...
and I wanted to be with you.
Mary Jane.

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