Half Baked (1998): Types Of Smokers


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The clip Types Of Smokers from Half Baked (1998) with Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Diez

The next mornin' the phones blew up like we were havin' a fuckin' telethon, man.
Everybody in New York was callin' to get down with Mr. Nice Guy.
We met all kinds of customers, like this guy here.
He's what we call an enhancement smoker,
'cause he thinks marijuana makes every activity that much better.
Mi casa es su casa. Observe.
You're Scarface, right? Yeah.
I love Al Pacino, man.
Did you ever see Scent of a Woman? Yep.
Did you ever see Scent of a Woman... on weed?
That's the way to see it, man! It's just whacked! Pow!
Sixty bucks, yo. That's cool, man.
I got it. I got it.
Did you ever see the back of a $20 bill, man? Man, I don't know, yo.
Did you ever see the back of a $20 bill... on weed?
Oh, there's some weird shit in there, man!
There's a dude sittin' in the bushes. Does he have a gun?
I don't know, man. What? What?
Red team go. Red team go.
Just some weird shit, man. Man, you're fuckin' crazy, yo.
Take your shit. No, that's cool. Thanks, man.
Hey, yo, wait! Dude, I'm gonna check out the stars later.
It's really trippy. Especially on weed, man.
A scavenger smoker is someone who never has weed of their own.
But as soon as you smoke it, here they come.
Damn! - What up? Man!
What's up, dogs? Scoot over. Let me get in here, man.
What y'all doin'? Nothin'.
Nothin'? Yeah, just chillin'.
What's the matter? Let me inhale it. Let me have some.
All right, man. Just one hit, you scavenger.
Always come around.
Can't even smoke weed in peace.
I ain't even into the motherfucker yet. Back up, brother.
You know we sell this? I don't know if you knew that.
It's too bad, man. I just stopped smokin' yesterday.

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