Half Baked (1998): Spending Money


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The clip Spending Money from Half Baked (1998) with Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer

But we were makin' money. Hey, what's up, mates?
What's up, man? What's up, boy?
What's up, yo? Nada. I'm just chillin'.
Hey, guys. Why is there a dog biting The Guy?
'Cause I bought a dog, B. Bought a dog?
For how much? Oh, it's cool. Yo, he's used.
Including the house, it was only 250, yo.
You spent $250 on a used dog?
And a dog house, yo. Brian bought something too.
For $400, I got Jerry Garcia in a pouch, man.
Who the hell told you that? The guy who sold it to me. Barry Garcia.
And what he's supposed to be? Jerry Garcia's brother?
No. Actually, it's Andy Garcia's brother.
Why the hell are you guys spendin' money? We're not drug dealers, remember?
We're fund-raisers. Well, you said you gave Mary Jane a pearl necklace.
How much did that cost, man? Ah.
You know, obviously you missed the point of that story, Brian.
Come on, guys. Return this shit. We can't, yo.
Why am I tellin' Mary Jane I don't have any money? 'Cause you're a fibber.
No, because we don't have any money.
The money we do have is not for spending.
It's for saving Kenny's sweet virgin ass, man!
If you guys spend one more dime, I swear I will bitch-slap you.
Gimme that.
Sorry for yelling. But I'm serious.
We gotta start bein' more responsible and focused.
All right? Let's be sharp.
Scarface, your dog is mean, man.
I know, all right.
Somebody gotta do somethin' about this shit right now.
Mmm. Come here, doggie.
Hey, little fella. Smell it?
Hey! Smell it. Okay. All right. Mm.
Good boy.
He likes it. He loves it, man.
Of course he loves it. Yeah, your paws are tingling, aren't they?

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