Half Baked (1998): Date With Mary Jane


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The clip Date With Mary Jane from Half Baked (1998) with Dave Chappelle, Rachel True

She make my heart sing
This is so- We are in business, man.
Hold on. Hold on.
Mr. Nice Guy. Oh, I may have the wrong number.
Um, is Thurgood around?
Speaking. Oh, hey, hey. It's Mary Jane.
Do you remember? I gave you a ride home from prison?
Well, could you be a little more specific?
I get so many rides home from prison.
That was a joke.
What happened? I didn't think you were gonna call me.
Well, I wasn't, but then I decided I don't care what my friends think.
See, that was a joke. Get it?
A little joke. Not funny.
So, you wanna get together?
Okay. Sure. When?
How 'bout right now? Just meet me at the place you dropped us off at.
Okay. Can you give me half an hour?
Yeah, half an hour's cool. Great.
All right. Okay. I'll see you there.
Bye. Bye-bye.
I've got a date with Mary Jane!
Word, yo? Yes!
All right, man. Y'all got money?
The date couldn't have come at a worse time.
I was flat broke.
All my money was tied up in our drug-dealing venture.
I only had eight bucks. This was gonna take some careful budgeting and maneuvering.
Hey. Watch the master at work.
You look great. You look wonderful. Thank you.
You know what? I was thinkin' it's so nice out,
wanna go for a walk?
Yeah, sure. We can go for a walk.
Good. Good. Let's.
So far, so good.
Three hours and 14 miles later, I hadn't spent one penny.

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