Land of the Dead (2005): News Reports


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The clip News Reports from Land of the Dead (2005)

...dead people...
...the recently departed...
Unburied human corpses are returning to life...
and feeding on the living.
Stay inside.
Do not try to leave your homes.
They seem to survive by eating human flesh.
Everyone who dies will become one of them.
If you are bitten, you will just become one of them...
that much sooner.
They're not your neighbors and friends, not anymore.
My wife had a heart attack.
Got up and came after me like a banshee from hell.
I put a curling iron through her head.
...the head... ... the brain...
They must be destroyed as quickly as possible.
There's no time for funeral arrangements.
There's no time to dig up holes...
so you can drop these things in the ground.
As long as we're alive...
they ain't never gonna run out of food.
The day they do, it'll mean only one thing: We're all dead.
This is not only a local or a regional phenomenon.
Cities are under siege.
If these creatures ever develop the power to think...
to reason...
even in the most primitive way...
People are said to be establishing...
outposts in big cities...
and raiding small rural towns for supplies, like outlaws.

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