Land of the Dead (2005): Fireworks Action Part 2


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The clip Fireworks Action Part 2 from Land of the Dead (2005)

All right, what? Things are changing.
Just be careful. We go in, we do our job...
and we get the fuck out of there. Everyone alive.
Now, you take command of this unit, you can run it any way you like.
But tonight, it's my last night out. I don't want any fuck-ups.
So, that's what it's about?
You're not going to dump these recycled delinquents on me.
I don't want to take command.
Because you know what? Tonight's my last night, too, baby.
Hey, you. Come here, you little nose-picker.
You been with Riley all day painting the town beige?
I'm gonna show you how it's done. Come on.
What'd he do, win the lottery or something?
How come you guys always go out at night?
Wouldn't it be safer in the daytime?
Fireworks, kid. Stenches can't keep their eyes off them.
Come on!

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