Land of the Dead (2005): Taking A Vehicle


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The clip Taking A Vehicle from Land of the Dead (2005) with Pedro Miguel Arce, Krista Bridges

There's more of them out there.
I can hear them. They're always out there.
You're all right? Yeah, no problem.
Woody's in there.
Who's got the keys, guys? No keys to get. Melted.
Screw the keys. Let's just hot-wire the fucking thing.
Yellow to red.
What the fuck does a Samoan know about hot-wiring a fucking car?
Fifty thousand cars stolen in Samoa every year.
Yeah? Well, a million in Detroit.
Detroit's got 50 million cars.
Samoa: 50,000. Every one stolen.
Why do you lick your rifle? It catches the light.
What light? How can you see anything?
Good eye.
Off-center, but I got him.
Awesome, man.
Got a flashlight? Yeah.

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