Land of the Dead (2005): Kaufman Calls Riley


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The clip Kaufman Calls Riley from Land of the Dead (2005) with Asia Argento, Robert Joy

You take care of him? Hell, yeah.
He pulled me out of the fire.
It was bad.
Just look at me, you can tell it was bad.
Mr. Denbo, can I offer you a drink?
I don't drink. Why am I here?
We want you to repossess a vehicle that belongs to us...
a vehicle that you designed, Mr. Denbo.
Dead Reckoning has been stolen by your second-in-command...
who I want captured or killed...
and I want my $2 million piece of equipment returned.
My truck.
My truck, which has guns.
Powerful guns.
It'll do a great deal of damage...
if they're aimed at this city.
Why don't you just send out your troops?
I can send 50 men against that thing...
and they'd come back in body bags. Now, Cholo was your man.
Maybe you can get close enough to do what has to be done.
It's a good thing I'm still in town.
See, I bought a car.
I was going to drive out of here, but it disappeared.
I guess someone didn't want me to leave.
You're a very popular man.
How much are your services going to cost me?
A vehicle, enough weapons and ammunition to go north.
But there's nothing up north. That's the idea.
There's one more thing: My friends, they go with me.
Take them.
Can you find Dead Reckoning, quickly?

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