Land of the Dead (2005): Riley and Cholo Argue Part 2

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The clip Riley and Cholo argue Part 2 from Land of the Dead (2005) Life goes on at Fiddler's Green... in t...
The clip Riley and Cholo argue Part 2 from Land of the Dead (2005) Life goes on at Fiddler's Green... in the heart of one of America's oldest and greatest cities. Bordered on three sides by mighty rivers... Fiddler's Green offers luxury living in the grand old style. Dine at one of six fine restaurants. Look for that perfect gift in our fully-stocked shopping mall. Man, they sure did used to make it sound nice. Still sounds nice to me. There is a difference between our place and other places. If you can appreciate that difference... You're not going to be around no more? You little bitch, you can come up and party with me any time you want. I hate going under the river. Cholo. Shit. Let's get out of here, Foxy. Yeah, man. Back off, Riley. Just back the fuck off 'cause I am not in the mood. You think that kid was in the mood? Look, he knew the risk, man. He took the job like we all took the job knowing the risk. Exactly, the job. You know what the job is, Cholo? It's to bring things in that people need. Not to make a few extra bucks selling liquor on the street. What, you're talking about this? This is for me and my new friends, to celebrate. That's what that's for. A kid died out there on the street tonight... so that you can fucking celebrate. Riley, you know what you remind me of? You remind me of my old man. A nice guy. I loved him and all that but he was a dumbass. Never went for anything, so he never had anything. What do you got, Riley? Nothing. I'm going to have my own place, man. My own goddamn place. You're dreaming, Cholo. They won't let you in there. They wouldn't let me in there. We're the wrong kind. Yeah, well, we'll see. Isn't it time? Isn't it your time? For Fiddler's Green? DeMora, supplies unit. What's in them boxes? Essential supplies.