Gremlins (1984): The Cops Don't Believe


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The clip The Cops Don't Believe from Gremlins (1984) with Scott Brady, Zach Galligan

Patriotic little fellow, ain't he?
Waving the flag and everything.
Be careful, Frank! He might tear your arm off.
You want me to put the cuffs on him?
Tell me. How come a cute guy like this...
...can turn into a thousand ugly monsters?
You see, this is before it enters the pupal stage.
Plus, it multiplies with water.
Get the kid some water.
I wouldn't do that.
Sheriff's office.
Yeah, speaking.
Yeah, sure, we'll be right over.
What happened?
The Futtermans.
Something about a snowplow. A freak accident.
It's the creatures!
The creatures are making it look like an accident!
Will you listen to me?
You listen to me, kid!
Go on home, take little Gizmo...
...sit by the fireplace and open your Christmas presents.
Let me drive.
No, you're drunk.
You always drive!
Because I'm the sheriff, asshole.

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