Gremlins (1984): Mogwai Pupal Stage


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The clip Mogwai Pupal Stage from Gremlins (1984) with Frances Lee McCain, Zach Galligan

Mom, could you come up here, please?
Then I want you to bring the vacuum cleaner upstairs for me.
What are they?
Well, they're the mogwai, I guess.
Except for Gizmo.
Did you get them wet?
Did you feed them after midnight?
Well, I gave them some chicken.
But I made sure that it--
No, no, no. Wait a minute.
I made sure...
What's going on here?
What'd you say this was called?
A putrid stage?
Pupal. Pupal stage.
Like a butterfly.
Yeah, right.
This is a cocoon, and inside he's going through changes.
Lots of changes.
Like my mother.
No, that's different.
This is called a metamorphosis.
It's a change in form...
...and in appearance.

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