Rush Hour (1998): Chinese Food


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The clip chinese food from Rush Hour (1998) with Chris Tucker, Albert Wong

The other will be on you. Now when you make the drop-
Do we have it?
All right, pick it up.
You have what I asked for?
I do.
I hope now you realize how serious I am.
Take the money to the alley...
behind the Foo Chow Restaurant in Chinatown.
You have 29 minutes left.
Damn, Chen, this is some greasy shit.
You ain't got no better food...
Like some chicken wings, some baby back ribs...
some fries or something?
Chinese food, no soul food here.
I didn't say soul food. I said better food.
I don't want that greasy shit.
How you gonna sell a big box of grease?
I'm chilly a what?
Come on.
I'm no punk bitch.
I ain't no punk bitch neither.
I'm no punk bitch.
I'll knock your hat off.
Come on.
Man, what you got me eating?
That's eel.
Is it good?
Very good.
What you got?
Camel's hump.
Camel's hump.
Kinda good.
Need a little hot sauce, but it's kinda good, though.
We still waiting?
How we gonna get Juntao?

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