Rush Hour (1998): Carter is Beat Up


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The clip carter is beat up from Rush Hour (1998) with Chris Tucker, Ken Leung

This is tight. Ain't nothing like downstairs.
Y'all got it going-
What's up, man? What y'all watching?
Where Juntao at?
Why y'all so quiet?
That was childish, man.
That wasn't even called for!
Now I came down here to see Juntao...
'cause he told me to come down here...
'cause I'm his half-brother from Beijing.
Me and him got the same mama. I'm Blackinese.
We all the same. Whoa. Wait a minute.
OK, you gonna kill me?
OK, put the gun down, fight me like a man.
That's right, fight me like a man. Shit!
Anybody can shoot somebody. That's what I'm talking about.
Back. Give me some room.
You don't know who you messing with.
I'm gonna knock that yellow-
Which one of y'all kicked me?
OK. All right.
Hold on. Let's talk about this.
Let's talk about this, man.
No, no. What that mean?
Hey, man, this is a misunderstanding.
Come on, let's pray about this.
FBI, huh?
No, I ain't FBI.
I'm a security guard, I work at the mall.
Now wipe yourself off.
You're bleeding.

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