Rush Hour (1998): Phone Call from the Kidnapper


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The clip phone call from the kidnapper from Rush Hour (1998)

We'll talk in a second. When a G-14 comes around.
Who's this? Hello?
Am I speaking with FBI?
Give me the phone.
Yeah, this is the FBI.
You are FBI?
Yeah, this is the FBI.
If you want the girl back alive, listen and do not talk.
OK, I'm listening. Let me get a pen.
All right. Cool.
The drop will be made tonight. 11:00 p. m.
The amount will be $50 million.
Fifty million dollars?
Who you think you kidnapped, Chelsea Clinton?
Keep him talking.
In used currency. Nothing bigger than a 50.
All right. Cool. Fifty million. No problem.
I want 20 million in 50s...
Twenty million in 50s.
Twenty million in 20s...
Twenty million in 20s.
And 10 million in 10s.
Ten million in 10s.
You want any fries with that?
What is your name?
You called us. Why you want to know my name?
I just want to be able to tell the consul who is responsible...
for his daughter's death because he talk too much.
All right, hold up. Calm down.
I'm trying to hook you up. I'm on your side.
You will receive instructions for the drop...
half an hour before it is to be made.
If it is successful, the girl will live.
I'm gonna make sure you get the money...
and we can spend it together when you do...
'cause I don't even really work for them.
We got it. 620 South Broadway. Downtown.

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