Rush Hour (1998): What's Up, My Nigger?


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The clip what's up, my nigger? from Rush Hour (1998) with Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker

What's up, my nigger?
What did you just say?
What's up, my nigger?
Come here! You better watch your mouth!
What you say, boy?
I don't want trouble.
I said I don't want trouble.
That's bad for you.
Where the little girl at?
What little girl?
You know what girl I'm talking about.
Man, you better take your goddamn hands off my suit.
Your mama bought me this for Christmas.
This is my favorite suit.
I'll see you Thanksgiving. Appreciate it.
Get your big Happy-Meal ass over!
Get over in the corner!
I'm still the law around here!
Next time I come here, y'all better clean this up!
And brush your teeth!
Let's go.

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