Rush Hour (1998): Bloopers Part 2


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The clip bloopers part 2 from Rush Hour (1998)

caught a bullet- catch a bullet-
caught a bullet.
My daddy one caught a bullet by his bare hand.
No bullshit.
What's the honor in that?
You believe your father wasting his life...
They must not-
You're right, man. Let's go tell them.
Anything goes wrong...
you bust in there, act like you're LA-
He cannot speak English.
Man, this is cool. Han sending us to Hong Kong.
What's that line?
May I offer you some peanuts?
See, how difficult is that? My English?
He even cannot say three words, Chinese.
You need some lunch?
I got it before, Jackie.
See? Now you know how difficult I am.
Look at Jackie.

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