The Birds (1963): Tracking Down Mitch


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The clip tracking down mitch from The Birds (1963) with Tippi Hedren

Who was that man? I have no idea.
They said the mynah bird would be here later this afternoon, if you care to come back.
No, you'd better send him. May I use this phone? Why, certainly.
Daily News? It's Melanie Daniels. Could you get me the City Desk?
Just a minute, Mrs. MacGruder.
Hello, Charlie. Melanie.
I want you to do a favor for me.
No, this is a small one.
Pressure you? Why, Charlie, darling, would I try to pressure you?
Would you call the Department of Motor Vehicles for me?
Find out who owns this license plate:
Yes, a California plate.
No. I'll stop off in a little while. Is Daddy in his office?
No, I don't want to break in on a meeting. Tell him I'll see him later.
Thank you, Charlie.
Do you have any lovebirds?
Well, no, not in the shop, but I can order them for you.
How soon? Well... Well, when would you want them?
Immediately. Well, I could probably have them here by tomorrow morning.
Would that be all right? That would be just fine.

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