The Birds (1963): Searching for Mitch Part 2


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The clip searching for mitch Part 2 from The Birds (1963) with Tippi Hedren

I wonder if you could tell me... Yeah. Hold it a minute, please.
The little girl's name?
The little Brenner girl?
Yes. Uh, Alice, I think.
Harry, what's the Brenner girl's name?
Alice, isn't it?
No, it's Lois.
It's Alice.
Are you sure?
Well, I'm not positive, if that's what you mean.
I need her exact name.
Oh, uh... Just hold on one more minute, please.
In that case, I'll tell you what you do.
Go straight through town till you see a little hotel on your left.
Then you turn right there. Now, you got that? Yes.
Near the top of the hill, you'll see the school, and just beyond,
a little house with a red mailbox.
That's where Annie Hayworth, the schoolteacher, lives.
You ask her about the little Brenner girl. Well, thank you.
Save yourself a lot of trouble. Name's Alice for sure.
Can I have the boat in about 20 minutes?
How much for the phone calls? Oh, it's nothing.
Thank you.

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