The Birds (1963): Invitation and Gull Dies


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The clip Invitation and gull dies from The Birds (1963)

No, no, no, I wasn't asleep.
Yes, just a little while ago.
Sure. Hold on.
It's Mitch.
For you.
Hello? Oh, yes, this is Melanie.
Fine, thank you.
No, no trouble at all. I simply followed the road.
Well... There's no need to apologize.
I can understand...
That's very kind of you. No, I'm not angry.
Well, I couldn't. I have to get back to San Francisco.
No, I wouldn't want to disappoint Cathy, but...
I see.
All right. Yes, I'll be there.
Good night, Mitch.
He wants me to go to Cathy's party tomorrow afternoon. I said I would.
It should be fun.
I'll be there, too, to help.
Oh, it seems so pointless.
Well, I think I'll go to sleep. It's been a busy day.
My luggage.
That's pretty. Where'd you get that? Brinkmeyer's?
Mm-hmm. Do you think I should go?
Well, that's up to you.
No, it's really up to Lydia, isn't it?

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