The Birds (1963): at the Pet Store


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The clip at the pet store from The Birds (1963) with Tippi Hedren, Ruth McDevitt

Hello, Mrs. MacGruder. Hello, Miss Daniels.
Have you ever seen so many gulls? What do you suppose it is?
There must be a storm at sea. That can drive them inland, you know.
I was hoping you'd be a little late. He hasn't arrived yet.
But you said 3:00. I know.
I know. I've been calling all morning.
Oh, Miss Daniels, you have no idea.
They are so difficult to get. Really, they are.
We have to get them from India when they're baby chicks, and then...
This one won't be a chick, will he?
Oh, no, certainly not. This will be a full-grown mynah bird.
And he'll talk?
Well, yes, of course he'll...
Well, no, you'll have to teach him to talk.
I guess maybe I'd better phone. They said 3:00.
Maybe it's the traffic. I'll call.
Would you mind waiting? Well, maybe you'd better deliver him.
Let me give you my address.
Oh, well, all right,
but I'm sure they're on the way.
Would you mind if I called?
No. All right.

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