The Birds (1963): Securing the House


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The clip securing the house from The Birds (1963)

Give me another one, darling.
How long have they been gathering there?
Oh, about 15 minutes.
Seems like a pattern, doesn't it?
They strike, then disappear, and then start massing again.
Doesn't look so very different, does it?
A little smoke hanging over the town, otherwise...
You want to try your father again?
No, I tried a little while ago. The phone's dead.
Still got power, haven't we? Yes.
Mitch, I'm getting something on the radio.
Come on.
I can't get any of the local stations.
I think this is San Francisco.
"...and the work of a team of professionals. " End quote.
In Bodega Bay early this morning, a large flock of crows...
attacked a group of children who were leaving the school during a fire drill.
One little girl was seriously injured and taken to the hospital in Santa Rosa,
but the majority of children reached safety.
We understand there was another attack on the town,
but this information is rather sketchy.
So far, no word has come through...
to show if there have been further attacks.
On the national scene today, in Washington...
Well, is that all?
I'll have to get some more water. Mustn't let this fire go out.
Did you get the windows in the attic, Mitch? Yes, I got 'em all, dear.
When do you think they'll come? I don't know.
If there are bigger birds, Mitch, they'll get into the house.
Well, it's just a chance we'll have to take. Maybe we ought to leave.
No, not now! Not when they're massing out there.
When? W
We'll just see what happens.

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