Million Dollar Baby (2004): Truning Down a Title Match


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The clip truning down a title match from Million Dollar Baby (2004)

The next was to fight the British champ, a girl Billie just beat.
Not interested.
He turned that down, too.
That's a lot of money, boss.
You're making money. What are you still working here for?
It's a title match, right?
Are you British?
It's a title you can't take away. She's got nothing to lose.
You got nothing to win.
Might still be a good fight.
I just brought you up to welterweight.
Too good to fight these contenders, you'd rather fight a bullshit champ?
Didn't notice I was fighting any contenders.
You can get yourself another manager any time you want.
If you'd learn to protect your face a little better
I wouldn't have to turn down this money.
My face out there so much it's a miracle I ain't been knocked out yet!
You can't work here anymore tonight. I made us a reservation.
You might want to shower.

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