Million Dollar Baby (2004): Big Willie's Departure


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The clip Big Willie's departure from Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Is something wrong?
Sorry to come like this.
You don't like people dropping in.
You're not people, Willie.
You're welcome anytime. Come on in.
Thank you for getting the car back.
Paying an extra 1000 dollars for your own car is not a favor.
Grace cried when she saw it.
I also needed to talk with you about business.
I just talked with Hogan, we're all set for September.
Everything but the split.
I gotta leave you, Frankie.
The title is just two fights away.
It ain't that.
It's like you said, I got one shot.
lf I win, I gotta make as much as I can, while I can.
I need somebody in the action who can make things happen.
And I gotta make the change before the fight.
Only way this guy say he'd take me is if he took me to the title.
So I get you the title fight and this guy takes you there?
Only way he'd do it. I'm sorry, Frankie.
I know how long you've been waiting on a title.
Mickey Mack's a business man. He can't teach you nothing.
You already taught me everything I need to know.
There's some things that people just don't want to hear.
And I challenge the Motor City Cobra, Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns to fight me for the Welterweight Championship of the whole world!

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