Million Dollar Baby (2004): Not Believing in Willie


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The clip not believing in Willie from Million Dollar Baby (2004)

I heard about Willie. That's cold, man, that's dead cold.
It wouldn't be so bad if you weren't so damn old.
At least I can see through both eyes.
Didn't do you a lot of good though, did it?
I've got the gym. Don't need to be training fighters at my age.
Willie tell you why?
Mickey's got the connections.
It ain't about connections. It's about you not believing in him.
I stuck with him for eight years. How's that for not believing in him?
You could've got him a title fight two years ago, he knew that.
I'm amazed he stayed around this long.
Getting there and taking home the belt are two different things.
What was I supposed to do? Put him in over his head, not protect him?
You were protecting him from the championship!
Now it makes sense.
What about you, Scrap?
What did your manager do? You were a good fighter, better than Willie.
He get you a title fight or did he bust you out banging your head against other people's fists, until you lost your eye?
I had my shot. I went out swinging and no man can say I didn't.
I remember. Excuse me if I didn't want my fighter spending the second half of his life cleaning up other people's spit.
Right, you're the smart one. You're the one learning Greek.

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