Million Dollar Baby (2004): Refusing to Train Maggie


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The clip refusing to train Maggie from Million Dollar Baby (2004) with Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood

What kind of language is that?
What do you want?
You got a fighter not talking to another manager.
And not just any manager Mickey Mack.
You came in here to tell me that Big Willie is not talking to Mickey Mack.
Not a word. Neither one of them.
I'm trying to read here.
If you think that's more important.
Who's your new girl?
If she keeps hitting it like that she gonna break her wrists.
You're wasting your time, I told you I don't train girls.
Thought you might change your mind.
Dozens of trainers train girls.
You won't have trouble finding one.
You'll do fine, boss.
I'm not your boss and don't you be calling me that.
You ready to work?
If I stop calling you boss, will you train me?
Then I might as well keep calling you it.
She came from Southwestern Missouri, the hills outside the scratch-ass Ozark town of Theodosia, set in the trees somewhere between nowhere and goodbye.

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