Million Dollar Baby (2004): Boxing is About Respect


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The clip boxing is about respect from Million Dollar Baby (2004) with Morgan Freeman

I only ever met one man I wouldn't want to fight.
I can't stop that.
Get out of here, you useless tit!
When I met him, he was already the best cut man in the business.
Started training and managing in the '60s, but he never lost his gift.
Let me have a look at him.
He's fine.
He ain't if you don't stop this bleeding. I'll give you one round.
Seconds up. Let's go.
What do we do?
You let him hit you.
Sometimes there's just nothing you can do.
Cut's too wide, too close to the bone, maybe you got a severed vein or you just can't get the coagulant deep enough.
There are all kinds of combinations you come up against down in the different layers of meat.
And Frankie knew how to work every one.
People love violence.
They'll slow down at a car wreck to check for bodies.
Same people claim to love boxing, they got no idea what it is.
Boxing is about respect. Getting it for yourself and taking it away from the other guy.

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