Psycho (1998): Looking for Marion


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The clip looking for marion from Psycho (1998) with Viggo Mortensen, Flea

They tell you what the ingredients are...
and how it's guaranteed to exterminate any insect in the world...
but they do not tell you whether or not it's painless.
I believe, insect or man, death should always be painless.
Sam, there's a lady here for you.
Yes, miss?
I'm Marion's sister.
Oh. Lila.
Is Marion here?
Of course not. Is something wrong?
She left home on Friday.
I was in Tucson over the weekend, and I haven't heard from her, not even a phone call.
Look, if you two are in this together, I don't care. It's none of my business.
But I wanna talk to Marion, and I want her to tell me it's none of my business.
And then I'll go!
Uh, Bob!
Run out and get yourself lunch.
That's okay. I brought it with me.
Run out and eat it.
Now what... what thing could we be in on together?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you.
Is Marion in trouble? Or, what is it?
Let's all talk about Marion, shall we?
Who are you, friend?
My name's Arbogast, friend. I'm a private investigator.

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