Psycho (1998): Norman Remembers Marion


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The clip norman remembers marion from Psycho (1998)

Here you go.
I got the, uh... got the date here somewhere.
See? There's no one there.
I got a sample of her handwriting.
Oh, yeah, here we are. "Marie Samuels. " That's an interesting alias.
Is that her?
Yeah, I think so.
Marie... Marion. Samuels. Her boyfriend's name is Sam.
Was she in disguise, by any chance? You wanna look at the picture again?
Look, Mr. Arbogast, I'm not lying to you. It's just that...
No, I know that. I know you wouldn't lie.
It's just i-i-it's hard to keep track of time around here.
Oh, I know, I know.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it was raining that night, and her hair was all wet.
And I'll tell ya, that's not a very good picture of her either.
No, I guess not.
At all.
I guess not. Tell me all about her.
Well, she arrived rather late one night and went to sleep...
and left early in the morning.
How early?
Very early.
Which morning was this?
The next day, so, Sunday.
Mm-hmm. Did, uh, anyone meet her here?
Did she arrive with anyone?
Did she make any phone calls or, uh...
You spend the night with her?
Well, then, how do you know she didn't make any phone calls?
Well, we, um...
Well, she-she was very tired, and...
I... I'm starting to remember it now.
I'm making a mental picture of it in my mind.
Do you know how you do that? How you make a mental picturization of something?
That's right. Take your time.
She was, uh... Yeah, she was sitting back there.
Mm-mm. She was standing back there, and she had a sandwich in her hand...
and she said that she had a long drive ahead of her...

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