Psycho (1998): Buying New Car Part 3


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The clip buying new car Part 3 from Psycho (1998)

Say, that's the one I'd have picked for you myself.
How much?
Go ahead. Spin it around.
Oh, no, no, no. No, it looks fine.
How much will it be with my car?
You don't want the usual day-and-a-half to think it over?
You are in a hurry. Somebody chasin' ya?
Well, of course not.
Well, that's the first time I ever saw the customer high-pressure the salesman.
But I figure, uh, roughly...
your car plus...
four thousand?
Four thousand. Four thousand.
Ah, you got time to argue price, though, huh?
All right. Four thousand dollars.
I take it, uh, you can prove that that car is yours.
I mean, out of state license and all.
I have all the necessary papers.
Is... Is there a ladies' room?
I-In the building.

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