Psycho (1998): Buying House Part 2


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The clip buying house Part 2 from Psycho (1998)

Tom, uh, cash transactions of this size, uh... most irregular.
Yeah, well, so what? It's my private money. Now it's yours.
Suppose we just put this in the safe...
and then Monday morning when you're feeling good...
Speaking of feeling good, what happened to that bottle you said you had in your desk?
You know, sometimes I can keep my mouth shut.
Lowery, I'm dyin' of thirst-a-roonie here.
I don't even want it in the office over the weekend.
Put it the safe deposit box at the bank.
We'll get him to give us a check on Monday instead.
Oh! Ahh.
He was flirting with you.
Guess he must have noticed my wedding ring.
Come in.
The copies.
Thank you.
If you don't mind, I'd like to go right on home after the bank.
I-I'm feeling a slight headache.
You go ahead on home.
Me and your boss are gonna go out and get ourselves a little drinkin' done.
Of course. Do you feel ill?
Oh, it's just... just a little headache.
You need a weekend in Las Vegas. Playground of the world.
I'm gonna spend the weekend in bed. Thank you.
Only playground to beat Las Vegas.

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