Robin Hood (2010): Robin Shows Himself Around Nottigham


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The clip Robin Shows Himself Around Nottigham from Robin Hood (2010) with Max von Sydow, Russell Crowe

I hear a man's steps. Good morning, my son.
Morning, Walter.
So what is it that you know of my history?
You must show yourself today. Wear your sword.
I'm here, Walter.
Reacquaint your husband with his village and his people.
I'll see to the horses.
I feel invigorated.
I woke this morning with a tumescent glow.
A miracle.
I've always wondered at the private conversations of men.
This is rich country.
Where's your cattle and your sheep?
Sold, eaten, stolen, traded. We've had seven lean years.
Our meat now is rabbit
or wild pig on a lucky day.
And deer?
If you're willing to risk your neck to the King's executioner.
Every deer in the land belongs to His Majesty.
These things are God's gifts first before the King's possessions.
If it's illegal for a man to fend for himself
how then can he be a man in his own right?
Welcome home, sir.
Sir Robert. Good morning, Joseph. Emma.
Sir Walter is our Lord, and you are Robert returned and you should act so.
Sir Robert. You remember me?
Tom Chamberlain. Pig farmer.

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