Robin Hood (2010): Docking At London


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The clip Docking At London from Robin Hood (2010) with Russell Crowe

Make ready, Sir Robert. We dock in 20 minutes.
No, My Lord. The palace docks, Tower of London.
John. Allan.
Where are we?
Holy Christ!
We dock in 10 minutes.
When this is done, be ready to ride.
What if... What if Loxley is known
to the King's mother or brother or any of them?
Then we'll be riding for our lives.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Peter and Paul and Mary!
I knew it! I knew it!
Good morning, My Lord.
Some words of advice on this tragic occasion.
You appreciate everything must be done correctly,
so you will present the crown to Lady Eleanor.
You will go down on the right knee.
Do not look in her eyes when you tell her the King is no more.
And do not rise until all others rise. Do you understand?

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