Robin Hood (2010): Robin Arises Suspicions

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Published 28 Oct 2011
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The clip Robin Arises Suspicions from Robin Hood (2010) with Oscar Isaac, Russell Crowe

I don't know you.
Robert Loxley, Sire, of Nottingham.
Welcome then.
And how did my brother die?
In battle, Your Majesty, as was his way.
As was his way.
You deserve a reward...
Let's get the horses.
For bringing home the news.
Did you say you were from Nottingham?
Your father, Sir Walter,
owes tax to the crown.
My crown.
Tell him it's bloody expensive running a country
and everyone's got to pay their way.
We'll start with this.
Make way for the King!
Make way!
Your Majesty.
Make way for the King!
Make way!
Godfrey, my friend. It's so good to see you.
How were your travels?
Good, Sire.
What happened to your face?
A hunting accident. It's nothing.
Your Majesty.
Call it a duelling scar. The ladies will love you all the more.
I bow to your knowledge of the ladies, Sire.
You can get up now.
Sir Robert.
You will know of me, perhaps. I'm William Marshal.
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