Robin Hood (2010): King John Seek Marshal's Advice


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The clip King John Seek Marshal's Advice from Robin Hood (2010) with William Hurt, Oscar Isaac

Stand aside! Make way for the King!
Your Majesty.
What the devil are you doing here? Hmm?
Will you keep that animal still? What's it got, palsy?
Do you think I haven't noticed how you've deserted me?
If Your Majesty recalls, our last conversation...
At our last conversation,
Philip of France wasn't coming our way with an invasion fleet.
Was he, Marshal?
My friend Godfrey
is not the friend I thought he was.
He's stirred up the northern barons against me.
They come south with an army.
Marshal, how dare they? How dare they?
Sire, forgotten men are dangerous men.
The barons need to be told
that when the French come, we are all Englishmen.
We'll make an army of the north and march on London.
The barons need leadership.
Wiser kings know they must let men look them in the eye,
hear their voice.
Together, let us ride north to meet them.
They march against their king, Marshal.
Their king.
We will meet them with the pikes of our militia in their gizzards.

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