Pitchblack (2000): Crash Landing on Planet Part 2


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The clip crash landing on planet Part 2 from Pitchblack (2000) with Simon Burke, Radha Mitchell

Maximum terrain 220 meters over mean surface,
largely cinder and gypsum with some evaporite deposits.
Fry, what the hell are you doing?
I gotta drop more load.
Look, I tried everything else. I still got no horizon.
Better try everything twice,
'cause we don't just flush out...
Look, If you know something I don't,
get up here and take the chair.
Listen, company says we are responsible
for every single one of those people, Fry.
What, we both die out of sheer fucking nobility?
Don't you touch that handle, Fry!
I'm not gonna die for them.
Air-lock doors not secure.
70 seconds, Fry.
You still have 70 seconds to level this beast out.
Shit. Shit!
Pull him up.

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