Pitchblack (2000): Planning to Go out in the Dark


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The clip planning to go out in the dark from Pitchblack (2000) with Radha Mitchell, Lewis Fitz-Gerald

So we got one cutting torch,
we got 2 hand lights.
There's gotta be something we can rip out of the crash ship.
Anything over 45 proof burns rather well.
How many bottles you got?
I don't know. Maybe 10.
Ok, Johns, you got some flares.
So, maybe we've got enough light.
Enough for fucking what?
We stick to the plan.
We get the 4 cells back to the skiff,
we're off this rock.
Look, I hate to ruin a beautiful theory with an ugly fact,
but that sand cat is solar. It won't run at night.
So we carry the cells.
We drag them, whatever it takes.
You mean tonight, with all those things still out there?
All right, how long can this last?
A few hours? A day, tops?
I have the impression from the model.
The 2 planets were moving as one,
and there would be a lasting darkness.
Mmm. These suns gotta come up sometime.
And if these creatures are phobic about light, then we just sit tight,
and we let the sun come up.
I'm sure somebody else said that
locked inside that coring room.
We need to think about everybody now, especially the kid.
How scared will he be in the dark?
Don't use him like that.
Like what? As a smoke screen.
You deal with your own fear.
Why don't you shut your fucking mouth for 2 seconds
and let me come up with a plan
that doesn't involve mass suicide.
I'm waiting.
How much you weigh, Johns?
What's it matter, Carolyn?
How much?
Around 79 kilos.
'Cause you're 79 kilos of gutless white meat.
That's why you can't think...
Is that fucking right?
Where are you going?
This solves nothing.

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