Pitchblack (2000): Duel Fighting in Canyon


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The clip duel fighting in canyon from Pitchblack (2000) with Cole Hauser, Vin Diesel

Ain't all of us gonna make it.
Just realize that?
6 of us left.
If we can make it through the canyon
and lose just one, that'd be quite a feat, huh?
Not if I'm the one.
What if you're one of 5?
I'm listening.
What are they doing up there?
They're talking about the canyon, I suppose. How to get us through.
Battlefield doctors decide who lives and dies,
it's called triage.
You kept calling it murder when I did it.
Either way, I figure it's something you can grab onto.
Sacrifice play.
Hack up a body, leave it at the start of the canyon
like a bucket of bait.
Trawl with it.
We got extra cable on the sled.
We drag the body 40, 50 feet behind us.
Nice embellishment.
Well, I don't wanna feed 'em.
I just wanna keep 'em off our scent.
So, which one caught your eye?
No, no, don't look.
Christ. What the hell's wrong with you?
Imam, slow down.
Just a little more space between us and them.
All right, enough of this shit.
You do the girl, and I'll keep the others off your back.
It's not too big a job for you, is it?
I'm just wondering if we don't need a bigger piece of bait.
Like who?
Leave the sled! Let's move!
Let's go! Let's go!

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