Pitchblack (2000): Talking About Missing People


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The clip talking about missing people from Pitchblack (2000) with Keith David, Rhiana Griffith

All praises be Allah, for His many blessings to us.
It's the winner of the look-alike contest.
Who were these people anyway, miners?
I don't know. Looks like geologists.
You know, an advance team, moves around from rock to rock.
Nice of them to leave so much stuff here.
Why'd they leave their ship?
It's not a ship, it's a skiff.
And it's disposable, really.
It's more like an emergency life raft, right?
Yeah, they probably had a big drop ship take them off planet.
These people didn't leave. Come on.
Whoever got Zeke got them.
They're all dead.
You don't really think they left
with their clothes on the hooks,
photos on the shelves.
Maybe they had weight limits. You don't know.
I know you don't prep your emergency ship
unless there's a fucking emergency.
He's fucking right.
Watch your mouth.
He's just saying what we're all thinking.
So what happened? Where are they?
Has anyone seen the little one? Ali?
Has anyone checked the coring room?

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