Pitchblack (2000): Searching Cave for Dead Body


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The clip searching cave for dead body from Pitchblack (2000) with Cole Hauser, Radha Mitchell

Let me tell you what I think happened.
I think he went off on the guy, buried him in the hills.
Now he's got you believing there's something there.
Well, let's just be sure.
Look, murders aside,
Riddick belongs in the asshole hall of fame.
He loves to jaw-jack and loves to make you feel afraid,
because that's all he has. You're playing right into it.
Why try to explain this to you?
You're a cop. For God's sake, we've got to find his body.
Hey! I'll go.
Look, no one is going. Stay here.
Look, being ballsy with your life
doesn't change what came before. It's stupid.
What, do you think I'm trying to prove something?
Well, are you?

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