The Lonely Guy (1984): Iris Leaves Larry


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The clip iris leaves larry from The Lonely Guy (1984)

It's not going to work, larry.
You're wrong for me.
Because you're so right for me.
You're the most wonderful man i've ever known.
If i let us get close, if i made that commitment,
and you hurt me like the others, i couldn't handle it.
I would never hurt you.
I'm too terrified to take that chance.
I need someone...
who i don't care a damn about.
Someone mean and...
unfeeling and rotten.
I could be that. Give me a day or two to work on it.
No, darling.
Iris, look. I
i-i don't want to lose you!
I think you and i have something special.
I mean, sure, we have a few problems...
like not having sex, but we don't have to have sex.
There's plenty of other things we can do.
We can go to motels and listen to other people have sex.
It just wasn't meant to be, larry.
But there's one thing i want you to know.
Even though we didn't do it,
you're the best i ever had.
The best what?

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