The Lonely Guy (1984): Larry on Tv


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The clip larry on tv from The Lonely Guy (1984)

i wonder if the european feelings are as strong as the americans?
Vell, shpeaking for myself,
i know that the vealth or fame or social position...
have absolutely nothink to do vith whether or not i'm attracted to a man.
Ziss is true. You should see some of the trash she goes out vith.
It's true. I've found that i've been able to date women...
who wouldn't have given me a second look before my book became a success.
But don't you see, larry? Success changes a man.
It makes him confident, poised, self-assured.
And it's these new qualities in the man himself...
that account for his newfound appeal.
I guess that's what it is, then.
Everybody loves my baby
but my baby don't luff nobody but me
nobody but me
aw, gosh. I hate to interrupt.
It's all been so incredibly fascinating...
and entertaining and instructive.
Really, the time has just flown by.
The lovely schneider twins. Anita and shotze.
Ex-lonely guy larry hubbard.
And dr. Joyce brothers. I can't thank you enough for being here.
You've made it a very special night for me.
And i hope we can all get together and do it again.
Thank you. Good night.

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