The Lonely Guy (1984): Larry Walking Around


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The clip larry walking around from The Lonely Guy (1984) with Steve Lawrence, Steve Martin

I had no place to stay, nowhere to go.
There was no one to talk to. I must've looked pretty pitiful.
But that's the good thing about living in a big city like new york.
At least nobody i knew was going to see me like this.
Larry? Larry hubbard? Is that you?
Hey, larry, how are you? Jack. Jack bedwood.
Oh, jack, hi. You're looking good. How's it going?
How does it look? Pretty good, huh?
How's it going with you?
Oh, just taking a walk. I like to get out of the house every once in a while.
I heard about you and daniele breaking up.
It just happened 15 minutes ago.
I just spoke to her. We were very close. We had an affair.
When was that?
About four weeks ago.
Every morning after you'd go to work.
But you knew about that, didn't you?
Oh, oh, sure! We had an understanding. We were very today people.
Yeah. Hey, say hello to my wife verna.
And this is my girlfriend freida.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
We got a little apartment here on the west side.
One big room and a 40-foot mattress.
Listen, anytime you're in the neighborhood, just drop in, okay?
And don't be so broken up about daniele. She already dumped raoul.
She has?
Yeah. She's living with a rock group now.
Oh. Well, okay.
You take it easy, huh? See you around.
Come on, baby.

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