The Lonely Guy (1984): Larry Listens to Radio


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The clip larry listens to radio from The Lonely Guy (1984)

...with a 20% chance of rain, clearing in the afternoon.
There were three suicides in manhattan late last night,
all characterized as lonely guys.
Two of the men were found dead in their west side apartments.
Both traveling salesmen, who came home from the road after two weeks...
and found that their large, beautiful fern plants were dead.
A third lonely guy,
who had a view just below the east river, opened his window and drowned.
There was no suicide note. Apparently, he had no one to leave it to.
Talk about lonely.
And here's a bulletin:
The new york police department reports there's just been another suicide.
That of a lonely rock group. More details as we get them.
Way to go, daniele.
And now, back to easy listening. It's kind of late...

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