The Lonely Guy (1984): Poop


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The clip poop from The Lonely Guy (1984)

Dogs have a great deal.
Hey, you! What's your name?
Larry hubbard. Why?
I'm gonna write you a ticket.
What for?
Your dog just fouled the pathway over there.
He what?
He pooped.
Well, excuse me, officer, but i don't think that poop came from this dog.
No, no, i'm sure of it. Definitely not.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, officer, i mean it.
Look, in the last week, i've had five different dogs.
I think i'm beginning to know what kind of poop goes with each dog.
I think i may even say, without undue modesty,
that i am becoming somewhat of an expert on poop.
And i can assure you that that poop did not come from this dog!
I mean, this is a little dog. That looks like a land mine.

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