The Lonely Guy (1984): Larry in the Park


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The clip larry in the park from The Lonely Guy (1984) with Charles Grodin, Steve Martin

Warren evans.
Larry hubbard.
Hi, larry.
First-time lonely guy?
What's a lonely guy?
My girl melanie just left me.
What'd she leave you for?
She came home last night, found some guy robbing her apartment. They just hit it off.
Gee, that sounds tough.
It was tough.
It's probably for the best. She's really started to let herself go.
Drank a lot, never bathed, fat.
Hey, don't worry. You'll meet another girl.
Not like melanie.
No, better than melanie. You're not gonna stay lonely forever, are ya?
I'm not.
Where're you headed?
Um... i guess i have to look for an apartment, huh?
Take it from an experienced lonely guy.
Be very careful looking for an apartment.
'Cause from now on, that apartment's gonna be your best friend.
A lot of lonely guys, just to get off the street, tend to grab the first thing...
that looks better than a borneo death cell.
My pleasure.

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