The Matador (2005): Julian Visit Danny at Home Part 2


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The clip julian visit danny at home Part 2 from The Matador (2005)

I really don't know... I don't know.
I hope it's alright I'm being here, I mean...
... it's at the middle of the night!
I could sure use some coffee, just a cup.
Yes, right, of course. I can get some coffee.
That'd be great!
Or maybe some whisky?
That's even better.
Tonight's the night for whisky then.
And song and dance...
Well, whisky atleast.
This is really odd. Really, really odd.
I can ask him to leave.
We just asked him to stay.
We could change our minds.
Why? Do you think he's dangerous?
He's an assassin, Bean. Of course he's dangerous.
But I mean dangerous, dangerous, you said he was a nice guy.
He is... for an assassin he's very nice.
Fuck! Fuckety-fuck...
What? I'm allowed to curse.
Especially now. If not now, when?
It's the fuckin' perfect time to be fuckin' cursing.
There's a fuckin' killer standing, in our fuckin' living-room.
Do you think he would show me his gun?
A toast, maybe?
To a stranger, arriving in the middle of the night.
Well, you're not a stranger...
No, I'm pretty strange.
Be that as it may, you're not a stranger, Julian. Far from it.
The toast really should be to you, Danny... and to you, Bean.
For your hospitality, and your warmth.

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