The Matador (2005): Julian Shows Danny How He Kills Part 3


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The clip julian shows danny how he kills Part 3 from The Matador (2005)

If they didn't... They'd asked you.
So, I'd slit the guards throat, push him back at the bathroom...
And now we're set up for the kill.
Were the hell did you get the knife?
It must be number two...
Okey, joke's over... let's go, Julian! -Not yet!
Not yet, not yet...
Come on, let's get out of here.
Don't fuckin' ruin things, okey?
Okey. Julian!
I asked you to stop this.
No way, the job's not done.
This is not a job!
You said money was no object.
Bingo! Was his name...!
This is what you wanted, right?
This is what you helped with.
I didn't help you!
Oh, yes you did...
No, no, no!
Oh God, no...!
Fun, eh?
Come on!
That was incredible, you scared the hell out of me!
You liked that, didn't you?
I really bought it.
A stranger... just like that!
A complete stranger.
Yes, I did...
I'm not psychotic.
No, I know, I know...
Psychopathic perhaps, but not psychotic.
I don't think you're a psychopath.
I kill people, doesn't that seem a bit psychopatic to you?
Yeah, but...
Don't get the wrong impression...
Just because we share alot, doesn't mean I'm not unsavory.
No, what you do is unsavory.
You know what they say... you are what you do.

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