The Matador (2005): Julian Meets Danny at the Bar Part 3


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The clip julian meets danny at the bar Part 3 from The Matador (2005)

That's great, Danny!
I needed a day like this.
I've had a tough couple of years...
I was with this business at Denver, for nine years...
And out of the blue... they laid me off.
Yeah, just like that, and... was about two and a half years ago, I've been struggling back ever since.
And today you go back.
Well... I hope.
Today, you're a man again.
And to be a man, after they fuck you...
...and destroyed your self-respect...
...well, that is a great thing.
Thank you.
Two Margueritas, please.
Are you married, Danny?
Yeah, yeah... 14 years.
Let me guess, high-school sweetheart...
It's true.
That fuckin' american dream, eh?
Yeah... what about you? What do you do for living?
Kids...? You got kids, Danny?
No, I crossed the line.
No, you did not.
Yes I did.
You did not cross the line.
It's fine.

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